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Internet Without Google

Now the question in the mind is:Are we really going to survive on cyberworld without Google?But the Universal response is yes without Google everyone can survive in cyberworld.But if it is the truth then one more truth is that without Google internet is just a tough job to perform .Tell me one thing !!!what you think internet without Gmail, YouTube, Google Video, Google Reader, Picassa, Blogger, Orkut, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Chrome, Google News, Google, Google,and Google!they all are the part of the Google and these are some of the website which is part of everyone's life.So today i decided to write post on the Topics "10 crisis on the internet without Google".Below are the some thing which we are going to loose without Google....And don't forget to comment I'm waiting for that.....

Gmail is a free, advertising-supported webmail, POP3, and IMAP service provided by Google. Gmail was launched as an invitation-only beta release on April 1, 2004 and it became available to the general public on February 7, 2007, though still in beta status at that time. As of December 2009[update],it has 176 million users monthly. The service was upgraded from beta status on July 7, 2009, along with the rest of the Google Apps suite.
With an initial storage capacity offer of 1 GB per user, Gmail significantly increased the webmail standard for free storage from the 2 to 4 MB .

Some of the feature of Gmail:-

* a front page that lets you see new items at a glance
* import and export subscription lists as an OPML file
* keyboard shortcuts for main functions
* choice between list view or expanded view for item viewing (showing either just the story title or including a description, respectively)
* automatic marking of items as read as they are scrolled past (expanded view only)
* search in all feeds, across all updates from subscriptions

Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, plus an integrated photo-sharing website, originally created by Idealab and owned by Google since 2004. "Picasa" is a blend of the name of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the phrase mi casa for "my house" and "pic" for pictures (personalized art).In July 2004, Google acquired Picasa and began offering it as a free download.

Blogger is a blog storage service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at subdomains of Up until May 1, 2010 Blogger allowed users to publish blogs on other hosts, via ftp. All such blogs had (or still have) to be moved to Google's own servers, with domains other than allowed via Custom URLs.

Orkut is a social networking website that is owned and operated by Google Inc. The service is designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships. The website is named after its creator, Google employee Orkut Büyükkökten.Although Orkut is less popular in the United States than competitors Facebook and MySpace, it is one of the most visited websites in India and Brazil. In fact, as of December 2009, 51.09% of Orkut's users are from Brazil, followed by India with 20.02% and United States with 17.28%.

Google Maps (formerly Google Local) is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, free (for non-commercial use), that powers many map-based services, including the Google Maps website, Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, and maps embedded on third-party websites via the Google Maps API. It offers street maps, a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or public transport and an urban business locator for numerous countries around the world. According to one of its creators (Lars Rasmussen), Google Maps is "a way of organizing the world's information geographically".

Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form, and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. Google Docs combines the features of Writely and Spreadsheets with a presentation program incorporating technology designed by Tonic Systems. Data storage of any files up to 1GB each in size was introduced on January 13, 2010.

Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Its main highlight is that the product is aimed at marketers as opposed to webmasters and technologists from which the industry of web analytics originally grew. It is the most widely used website statistics service, currently in use at around 57% of the 10,000 most popular websites. Another market share analysis claims that Google Analytics is used at around 49.95% of the top 1,000,000 websites (as currently ranked by Alexa).

AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google Inc. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image, and video advertisements on their websites. These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google beta tested a cost-per-action service, but discontinued it in October 2008 in favor of a Double-click offering (also owned by Google). In Q1 2010, Google earned US$2.04 billion ($8.16 billion annualized), or 30% of total revenue, through Ad-sense.Personally saying i can't live without it.

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google that uses the Web-Kit layout engine and application framework. It was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on 2 September 2008, and the public stable release was on 11 December 2008. The name is derived from the graphical user interface frame, or "chrome", of web browsers. As of July 2010[update], Chrome was the third most widely used browser, with 7.16% of worldwide usage share of web browsers, according to Net Applications.

Google News is an automated news aggregator provided by Google Inc. The initial idea, Story Rank—related to Google's Page-rank formula—was developed by Krishna Bharat in 2001, the Principal Research Scientist of Google. No person is involved in the altering of the front page or story promotion, beyond tweaking the aggregation algorithm. Google News left beta in January 2006.

You-tube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Three former PayPal employees created You-tube in February 2005. The name and logo of the company are an allusion to the cathode ray tube, a display device used since the early days of electronic television.


FeedBurner is a web feed management provider launched in 2004. FeedBurner provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to blogger, pod-caster, and other web-based content publishers.


IGoogle (formerly Google Personalized Homepage and Google IG), a service of Google, is a customizable Ajax-based start page or personal web-portal (much like Netvibes, Pageflake, My yahoo, and Window live personalizes feature. Google originally launched the service in May 2005. Its features include the capability to add web feeds and Google Gadget (similar to those available on Google Desktop.

What a mess! It seems almost impossible to work without Google!!!!!These all we have to loose if we are thinking of internet without Google,it is truth that Google is the best and good in every thing .In the end i want to say that we also survive without Google isn't it That´s because - fortunately - for almost every service Google provides, there is an alternate service waiting to be discovered. So basically it all depends on your will to make a change. Are we ready to give up all these services and start One day without Google?
Please give your responses in the comment box I'm waiting for that!!!!!!!!!!!


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