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Yahoomail with New Themes ,Calendar And Updates

There is a good news for those who are using Yahoo! Mail Beta product.As many of the user give their feedback's related to improvements on yahoo mail beta products and finally yahoo mail team and took some straight action to fulfill those .Team has officially announce that they are busy fixing, building, and improving the experience.One and the most important thing is that team is launching a new batch of features that will go live this week for Yahoo! Mail Beta users around the world.

So here are some of the updates which are made by team members on the feedback's of the user's which are shown below;

1.Color me excited!

Themes, themes, themes many user's are shouting for themes on yahoo mail so this time,team heard is loud and clear and added cool, colorful and fun themes.

2.Calendar and Notepad return

Secondly ,Calendar and Notepad products are also added to yahoo mail and they’re glad to done that. With this release, They are giving you easily accessible links to both Calendar and Notepad in the Applications section on the bottom left corner.

3.Multi-attachment upload

Now you can upload multiple attachments at once. Just hold down your Ctrl, Shift or Command key and select all the files you want to attach.

4.More room for social

Finally, They have provided more room to social website to get your Yahoo!, Facebook and Twitter fix, you can go to the Updates tab and browse without interruption!

I hope these updates will make user's smile 


Wow... this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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