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10 Reasons To Hate Apple iPad!!!!!!!!!!

The much-hyped launch of Apple's new tablet-style computer yesterday has done little to change my belief that it's a solution looking for a problem.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, in trademark black turtle-neck sweater, said, "iPad creates and defines an entirely new category of devices that will connect users with their apps and content in a much more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before."

Creating a new category in the fast-moving electronics industry is no mean feat. Let's not forget that despite its numerous successes, even Apple has not always been able to do that. There were portable music players before the iPod, and smartphones before the iPhone. There weren't many square computers before its G4 Cube, but then that product bombed anyway.

Is the iPad really a brand new category of device?

I fail to see that it is. As we've established, tablet computers have been around for many years. What makes the iPad drastically different? It runs a different operating system (most others run Windows or Linux) and because it's from Apple, integrates well with the likes of Apple's iTunes and its online iBookstore, and can run all the apps than run on the iPhone. That's about the long and short of it.

Apple's says the iPad is a "magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price". But who really needs it? iPhone users already have access to the thousands of apps in the Apple App Store (not to mention an existing subscription to a telecoms operator). Anyone with a laptop, notebook or netbook has large-screen portable computing nailed, with the advantage of a folding keyboard that protects the screen from scratches and knocks and is more familiar and faster than the iPad's on-screen touch keyboard.

Much has been made of the argument that it will revolutionise publishing because you can download thousands of books, or read newspapers on it in glorious full colour. Sure, for a few hours. While Apple claims "up to 10 hours" of battery life you're unlikely to see that in real-world situations, especially once you have a number of battery-hungry apps running from the App Store and are using Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity in anger.

Compare battery life to the e-reader competition: the Kindle from Amazon claims the battery will last 7 days from a single charge, while Sony's eReader measures battery life as up to 7,500 continuous page turns. So it's not a direct e-reader competitor, if all you want to do is read digital books on the move.

so i decided to put Top 10 Reasons To Hate Apple iPad!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Based on the OS of iPhone

At the first glimpse it appears that iPad is a stretched version of iPhone. However, the OS and interface is the same. What's the big deal in using the same phone features in a bigger device. What irks most is that you have drag-and-drop feature.

2. No multi-tasking

Steve Jobs was proud to announce his cheap laptop that he called iPad. But even a netbook allows you to run your browser, a Word Document and media player simultaneously. So it high time for Mr. Steve's to define a new breed of laptops that satisfies most of the smartphone characteristics and some of the netbooks features.

3. Reading books on the iPad

The web's abuzz with rumors that iPad is a Kindle killer. With hands on experience, your eyes would not tolerate iPad for more than 2 hours. You are most likely to suffer a headache. To know more you can go through a lively conversation between Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle.

4. No physical keyboard

This is a big crime. Typing on a touchscreen might sound nice, but the hassles are only known to the people who have used it. Just a misplaced tap on the key and an unwanted typo. Without a keyboard its difficult to manage. How many people require big screen portable computing without real keyboard. The keyboards on netbooks protect the screen.

5. No Flash support

The most annoying feature that no gamer would ever tolerate. It's somewhat Apple's concept netbook that won't show up most of the cool flash stuff in a websites. Adobe Flash team and Apple team need to work with Adobe flash team to offer flash support for flash-based-apps in the iPhone.

6. No camera

Who on earth needs a stretched iPhone without a camera. Gosh! you can't use Skype. We could suggest a front-facing camera might have done.

7. No USB port

By now you must have know that you can't just plug in your digital camera with iPad to download pictures. Now what you need to know is that you’ll actually have buy a $30 adapter that Apple will be selling. That's a tough bargain to handle.

8. No widgets

iPad flaunts a huge screen with more than decent void space. What about widgets to fill the space, say calculator, sticky notes or anything else.

9. One and Only Network

Apple decision to stick to AT&T is no way a right move. Customers could have found better options in T-Mobile and everybody would have been happy. Apple doesn't seem to care about people.

10. Battery Life

The claim for upto 10 hours battery life doesn't sound real. With the Wi Fi or 3G turned on we might need to change it twice a day. For more, play a game on your iPad for an hour, do a little bit of web browsing for 2 hours, and your battery is dead.

The question remains, with loads of netbooks available in the market bundled with keyboards, flash support and multitasking, why would one go for that feel good touch experience by Apple. Before you decide to buy an iPad you could take fuehrer's noble opinion


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