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Particle Case Turns iPad into Clipboard and Pen

Today i will tell you about the Particle Case Turns iPad into Clipboard and Pen. Right up until the iPad became real, one of our favorite pastimes was to chuckle at the Pogo Stylus, a pen designed for capacitive touch-screens. After all, who needs a pen for the iPhone when it is designed to work great with a finger?

But the iPad is also a rather nice electronic canvas. Drawing and painting with your finger will give you a picture even your mom wouldn’t hang on the refrigerator, so the little foam-tipped Pogo has finally become quite a valuable tool. In fact, it has now gotten its own accessory: the Particle Case, also from Ten One design.

The case is really little more than an extended clip for the Pogo. A rubberized strip runs around the edge of the iPad, similar to the new iPhone Bumpers only they wrap around a little more . There are cut-outs for the ports and buttons, and a little clip in which to hold your Pogo stylus. And that’s it.

You do at least get a Pogo thrown in, and the little rubber feet on the back stop the iPad from wobbling when placed flat on a table, but its hard to see the market for this. After all, it offers almost no protection (the back is open, for example) but will stop the iPad from sliding into a more substantial case.

The Particle Case will cost you $35.
I hope you will like it enjoy..................


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