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15 Social News Websites to share your blog links

Now a days many of us have make a habit to write blog so that the thing which the think about can be express in front of others so that others can read their thoughts and feeling so that they can give feedback on there thinking whether the person is thinking good or bad but many blogging site such as blogger and word-press who just give the notepad to write post but no user to watch your thinking and material (post) so today i decided to suggest 15 social news website so that any of us can share there blogs there link and every thing that person want to share .These site help to make your post pop up so that many of the people can read your post.some of the website are listed below.


Reddit is a social news website owned by conda nast digital,with the help of reddit user can browse what other think by watching there posts and also they cansubmit there self posts that consist if original and own created matter, Other users may then vote the posted links "up" or "down" with the most successful links gaining prominence by reaching the front page. In addition, users can comment on the posted links.


Digg is a social website owned by Kevin Rose, Owen Byrne, Ron Gorodetzky, and Jay Adelson and still doing its management purpose but the original design was free of advertisements, and was designed by Dan Ries.In this people can know others stories and and you can done your thumbs up and down for those stories in digg it is called digging or dugg .It is the one of the most important website for submission of the link .The website traffic ranked 116th by as of June 21, 2010.


Propeller is another social website for your post submissions.As other on propeller there is also a option of submitting link according to there categories this will make a job easier for user.In this you can prop other article's and there link if person get many prop just in small life time it get pop up .so this is also another good social website to share posts.


Mixx is also an another social media website which make people to submit there content by peers based on interest and location.It combines social networking and bookmarking with web syndication, blogging and personalization tools.Users of Mixx can control a personalized blend of web content that includes text-based articles, images and videos. Mixx users can search and discover media relevant to their interests, and interact with friends and other Mixx users who share their common interests.


Yahoo buzz is another socail meida site where you can submit your post.It Web's most remarkable stories, determined by people like you. Stories are ranked based on your votes, comments, emails, this like other site we can give our remark to the post in the form of buzz max the buzz in minimum time more the chance to story get pop up.


Google Buzz is a social networking and messaging tool from Google that is integrated into the company's web-based email program, Gmail. Users can share links, photos, videos, status messages and comments organized in "conversations" and visible in the user's inbox.Buzz enables users to choose to share publicly with the world or privately to a group of friends each time they post. The creation of Buzz was seen by industry analysts as an attempt by Google to compete with social networking websites like Facebook and microblogging services like Twitter.


StumbleUpon is an Internet community that allows its users to discover and rate random Web pages, photos, and videos. It is a personalized recommendation engine which uses peer and social-networking principles.Web pages are presented when the user clicks the "Stumble!" button on the browser's toolbar. StumbleUpon chooses which Web page to display based on the user's ratings of previous pages, ratings by his/her friends, and by the ratings of users with similar interests. Users can rate or choose not to rate any Web page with a thumbs up or thumbs down, and clicking the Stumble button resembles "channel-surfing" the Web. StumbleUpon also allows their users to indicate their interests from a list of nearly 500 topics to produce relevant content for the user. There is also one-click blogging built in as well.


Twitter is a social networking social media ans sharing website and microblogging service, owned and operated by Twitter Inc., that enables its users to send and read other user messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page. Tweets are publicly visible by default, however senders can restrict message delivery to their friends list. Users may subscribe to other author tweets—this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers. As of late 2009, users can follow lists of authors instead of following individual authors.


Fark is a community website created by Drew Curtis that allows members to comment on a daily batch of news articles and other items from various websites. As of June 2009, the site boasts approximately four million unique visitors per month, which puts it among the top 100 English language websites. The site receives approximately 2,000 story submissions per day and approximately 50 of them are publicly displayed on the site.


Shout wire is another social media and people interest sharing site here your can submit your interest and view the news which is posted by others.


This is Indian social website to share your experience and interest with the help of India pad you can submit your post like other social social site so that to make your submission with other user so that they can give there remarks and comment on your post.It is one of the nice social site of India.


Delicious (formerly, pronounced "delicious") is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. The site was founded by Joshua Schachter in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005.Delicious uses a non-hierarchical classification system in which users can tag each of their bookmarks with freely chosen index terms (generating a kind of folksonomy). A combined view of everyone's bookmarks with a given tag is available; for instance, the URL "" displays all of the most recent links tagged "wiki". Its collective nature makes it possible to view bookmarks added by other users.


Lipstick is another social media website to share your news,mainly Reddit-style social news site for celebrity gossip.In this website your can discuss about celebrity because user their are mainly for celebrity gossip.


Kirsty is another social website to share your post with all world mainly the focus is on the fashion, entertainment and design with other topic like technology and food.Mainly this website is used by females.


eBaum's World (subtitled "Media for The Masses") is a website based in Rochester, New York featuring entertainment media such as videos, Flash cartoons and web games. It is controversial for many reasons, primarily because much of the content on the website is taken from other sources without permission and rebranded with the eBaum's World logo. The site was owned by Eric "eBaum" Bauman and co-owned by Bauman's secretary and father, Neil. They sold the site to ZVUE Corporation in August 2008 for $15 million cash and $2.5 million in stock, with further payouts upon performance.Personally said i also use it a lot.

I hope yu like this post and if you feel this post to be helpful just drop your comments.


New social news webseite:

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