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Get 10 New Digg Features With Greasemonkey

New Digg yesterday morning when me open i get shocked their is somthing newer in that place when i rub my eyes again and again to watch what happened to digg then i got to know that digg get a newer version with some newer feature .As the newer version of the digg is launched every one is trying to understand its new feature so today i decided to write post on the topic "Greasemonkey Hacks for 10 New Digg Features" .Greasemonkey is one of the site with help of it we don't have to wait for new special feature for some website.Let we have look at the new feature on New digg...And don't forget to comment I'm waiting for that.....

1.Digg NestedComments

Digg Nested Comments is one of the new feature we can use with help of greasemonkey,by installing this script we can watch the comment in new nest way.For using it reply must start from “@username” but you are already doing that.

2.Digg comment enhancer

Digg comment enhancer is the one of the good feature for the those who are average diggers or we can say pure gold.This script enable you to have a prdefined witty comments like this the obligatory Soviet Russia jokes, Will it blend jokes, Kevin Rose fandom claims, and many others. We, for one, welcome our new comment overlords.

3.5 Digg Mirrors

5 Digg Mirrors is also a another feature of the new digg which we can use with help of greasemonkey,due to dreaded effect their is scrouge in the many website but their is the solution for that the mirror are here to save the moment .It is not necessary to paste them all the time,so thats why with the help of this script we have easy access to five mirror services:DuggMirror, DuggBack, Wayback Machine, Google Cache, and Coral Cache. is also another feature of the new digg which can be used with help of using greasemonkey.Many of the people use digg as a bookmarking service and with this new feature the digg button get extended to have save option for every story which make it like delicious which make it called

5.Remove exclamation marks

Remove exclamation marks!!!!!!! is the another feature which we can use by installing the script or we can say its another hack which we can use with help of greasemonkey in new digg in a day we see many line like this :Best picture you’ll see all day!!!!! Awesome Firefox plugin!!!!!!!!!to avoid these exclamation mark we can use this .Unfortunately, it works only for titles.

6.Reddit comments on Digg

Reddit comments on Digg is another new feature which we can use in the new digg which make connection between to website reddit and digg.Mainly it is usefull for those whose equally visit both the site Digg and Reddit. This script will try to find Digg stories on Reddit and add the comments from Reddit to the story on Digg. It will only work if the URL is exactly the same.

7.Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs is also the another feature of the new digg ,One of the most useful Digg scripts we’ve encountered enables you to add custom tabs to Digg. These new tabs can contain searches for certain keywords; for example, if you want to be updated on all things Google (Google), all you need to do is add a tab that searches for “Google” and it will be available with one click. You can configure it by clicking “Customize” on Digg and then scrolling to the bottom.

8.Digg Washer

Digg Washer is another good feature which we can use with the help of new digg by using greasemonkey ,the script help you to genrally filter the article bases on the keywords which you provide.With the help of this we don't have to read about Eminem paris hilton etc etc Go right away and add that to the filter

9.Comment sidebar box

Comment box sidebar is also the good feature by using greasemonkey you can use this feature which help you to when you click on the reply button the comment box will be show on the botton of the screen and poof: more often than not,and you forget what exactly you are trying to reply then this comment box come to use.

10.Googlefied Digg Search 

Googlefied Digg Search is the best feature which i like and you also going to like with help of this feature there is no need to use google search side by side with digg you can use google search which make search like feeding a milk.With the help of this script digg search replace with Google search which automatically add the parameters needed to make your search meaningful.


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