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Latest news about Headphones

Headphone is the one of the hottest gadget which is preferred by every one and with advancement of the technology the headphone are getting better day by day . Let we have look at best headphones in recent days .let us know know what you are thinking about these cool headphone

Klipsch issues first on-ear headphones, Image S5i Rugged and bargain Image S3 earbuds

It's been awhile since we sashayed through Klipsch's world headquarters back in December of last year, but the company certainly hasn't let off of the pedal. Today at IFA, introduce no three new headphones, including the outfit's very first on-ear set. Travelers will be pleased to hear that the ear cups fold flat for portability, but you'll need $149.99 to call ' the sound quality we lauded like last year last year. The full presser is after the break, if you're into that type of thing. a choice of gray, red, pink or green is yours which to take


Philips and O'Neill launch durable headphones -- shaka bra!

Philips and O'Neill have teamed up on a foursome of so-called durable headphones. The one of the toughest headphones of the bunch, constructed from an ultra-durable, temperature-resistant, and awesome-sounding material called TR 55LX which increase the surrounded system 6 time the real one than stuff we get in other headphones . Needless to say, these headphones aren't for you if you don't know who these people are or you lack the fragile hipster ego required to wear them. No prices were announced, but you can expect them to match the "premium" description when these arrive for retail in Europe and the US sometime this month.

Blackbox i10 noise cancelling earbuds tap into iPod / iPhone dock connector for power, pleasure

Oh, sure -- you've got at least 893.1 options (at last count, anyway) when it comes to noise cancelling headphones for your iDevice, but do any of those plug directly into the dock connector instead of requiring a separate battery? Exactly. That's the claim to fame for Blackbox's i10, a new set of earbuds that rely on power from your iPod or iPhone in order to achieve that active noise cancelling action that the youngsters are so crazy about these days. According to the company, these will filter out 92 percent of background noise using Phitek Systems' ANR technology, and the inline remote makes it easy to adjust volume and the like. They're available today for £79.99 ($123) over in the UK, but only heaven knows when they'll mosey over to North America.

Corsair's HS1 USB Gaming Headset Is Comfortable

Corsair might only be known for their PC components—memory, SSDs, thumb drives and power supplies—but they're branching into USB audio gaming headsets as well. It's a natural progression, since their customers are gamers that want to optimize their setups

Quincy Jones' Harman Signature Headphones

Dr. Dre has his own Beats line of headphones, in which the name means both beats, like in music, and beats, as in the overly heavy bass beats you in the head. Now Quincy Jones does too, from AKG by Harman.There are three different lines of headphones: The Q701 reference headphones for $480, the smaller Q460, on-ear foldable mini headphones for $230, and the Q350 in-ear headphones for $150. The two lower-end headphones are both iPhone compatible with in-line mics and remote control, whereas the top, Q701 is more about accurate sound reproduction.

Creative's new gaming headset can tell up from down

Creative's latest cans may not have the pizazz of a wireless World of Warcraft rig, but they've got one feature guaranteed to make hardcore PC gamers swoon -- they claim to be the very first to offer truly three-dimensional surround sound. There's also a set of customizable audio profiles so you can tune all the other presumably-more-powerful TruStudio algorithms just the way you like, though it's not clear whether Creative's included on-board memory or just has a desktop app. We have to admit, we're curious to hear for ourselves whether they work as advertised -- they sound like just the thing for a nice, relaxing Portal speedrun. Full PR after the break.

SteelSeries Spectrum Headsets Are Tailored For the Xbox 360

We've long been fans of SteelSeries' PC gaming headsets, and now with the Spectrum 4xb and 5xb they're giving the Xbox 360 crowd something to wrap around their noggins.The headsets will let you find the perfect mix of Xbox live chatter and in-game sound effects, lest your shouting teammate drown out the sound of that grenade rattling across your path.Both headsets have large cups for a comfy over-ear fit, are wired, and sport retractable microphones, though the 5xb, the better of the pair, have higher audio quality and can be disassembled into 3 parts when you're traveling to your next Call of Duty tournament. The line is rounded out by the Spectrum AudioMixer, which allows any headset with a 3.5" jack to work with the 360.

No-One You Frag Ever Has To Know You're Wearing Sony's Stylish DR-350USB Gaming Headset

If Sony hadn't slapped a big logo on the side of this headset, I would've thought they had come from Bang & Olufsen instead. Designed for gamers, Skypers and music-listeners, the DR-350USB (pictured), DR-320DPV and DR-31DPV headsets drop in March.The sexiest of the bunch are the USB PC ones above, which have 30mm driver units, and inbuilt microphones with the ability to mute, making them ideal for gaming. They come in black, gold and red.

Creative's Fatal1ty-Branded MKII Headset Won't Make You a Better Gamer, but It Probably Sounds Nice

Creative says their Fatal1ty Gaming Headset is professional grade gaming equipment, with 40mm neodymium drivers and 20-20,000 Hz range. Respectable specs, sure, but I'm not sure it will transform you into a headshot god.In any case, the Fatal1ty Headset has gold plated plugs, oxygen-free copper wire, sound isolating cups and a boom microphone that detatches. And when you use the headset with a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card, you get active noise cancellation and voice morphing capabilities. The Fatil1ty Gaming Headset MKII will retail later this month for $100, and will be available for pre-order starting today on Amazon, Newegg and direct from Creative.

Panasonic's RP-HC700 headphones cancel a whole lotta noise

We can't say they're the most stylish noise cancelling headphones we've ever seen (far from it, actually), but Panasonic's RP-HC700 sure do cancel out an awful lot of unwanted sine waves. In fact, these retro-inspired cans nix 95 percent of surrounding noise, and they'll also ship in both black and white hues for somewhat obvious reasons. Other specs include 40mm drivers, a 10Hz to 30kHz frequency range and 15 hours of noise cancelling with a single AAA battery. If you're into keeping tunes in while keeping -- well, everything else -- out, you'll need to free yourself of ¥20,000 ($237) next month.


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love the headphones! I bet these are pricey, but am so willing to buy one of these.

Thanks vishal sanjay for appreciating my post

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