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Orkut attacked by 'Bom Sabado' worm

Bom Sabado means “A Good Saturday” in Portuguese language (thanks to Google translation feature). But it’s surely a bad Saturday for many Google’s Orkut users, as this Bom Sabado virus compromised thousands of accounts in India and in Brazil as well.

What is Bom Sabado all about?

Bom sabado is the name of the new worm which is eating up the Orkut accounts daily. If you are a fulltime Orkut user, you are well aware of those virus infections. This is just another Orkut worm, but it’s biggest and you don’t need to click any links to get hacked!Bom Sabado Orkut virus infected profiles are automatically posting virus scraps on to the other’s scrapbooks. A near watching of Bom Sabado scrap in your scrapbook or in your friends’ scrapbooks is more than enough to get your account hacked.

How to get rid of from this Bom sabado

If your Friends get afftected, if you try to login to the orkut you will affected and automatically koins some communities, and if you open your scrap book, all your friends accounts will be opened to the account.

1. So do not login to your orkut account,
2. if you wish to change password, use this link

Do not Login to Your Orkut Account for 48 Hours/ till further updates from the Google team

Note:If you find your account hacked, don’t get panic. Revert back to the old Orkut layout, unjoin from the Brazilian communites, and change your password.If you can’t access Orkut, simply cleanup the cookies and the temporary internet files from the PC, and try to login


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