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Find Text "in" files windows

Window's is one of the best OS system which i ever heard of and their are different features of Window's which make it more Superior among other.One of the feature about which I'm writing in this post i.e "How to find Text "in" files" .As I'm member of window7 forums i found this question to be very common and interesting among most of the user and suitable for today post.

For doing that you have to follow simple steps :

#1.In first step click "Start" and enter a word or string of words into the search box
#2.In second step it will find all documents on the hard drive containing that words or string of words.

And you're done

It will look like snapshot given below for window7

It will look like snapshot given below for window Xp

But one more thing "You need to be careful and not enter a single, common word such as "at" or "from", etc. because you will have an unmanageable number of "hits". Enter a string of words or phrase to search for your item if possible."

Source:Window7 Forums

I hope you like this post and if you feel this post to be helpful just drop your comments


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