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How To Make Call Free From A Private Number

 In this post i'm going to tell you about "How to do private calling .I know some of the reader who are reading this know what is private calling but some of them don't know about private calling so first of all i'm going to tell you what is private calling "Private calling means that calling someone without any mobile number".

Isn't its sound to be cool ,ya it is and if you read below steps you can also make this thing happen.There are three ways to do private calling and i'm going to tell you step by step procedure for that.

First Method

You can easliy sign up to any paid web site which can offer you to make calls like Yahoo, Skype and many other paid services

Second Method

You can easily go to this link and sign up with victim number
Go to the Web site :

Third Method

You can use software with help of which you can do this.some of the requirement are as follow

A Cellphone,It should support Java applications and GPRS enabled

If you fullfil this criteria then Then follow these methods:

1.First of all Download a application known as MIG33 :

2.After that install it and do registration ,When you done with this you will get bonus talktime for sign up and you can also use money to call .

3.When you open this application you will get the option to make call try to call with that option .I

4.In Destination Number put your number. And in original number, put the number where u want to make the call as a private number.
And you're done!!

I hope you like this post and if you feel this post to be helpful just drop your comments and don't forget to share your experience.


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