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How to use facebook Account within your Yahoo messenger

I'm very glad to announce you that Yahoo messenger 11 Beta is now available for download.As i personally used it i want to tell you that it is the better version of the yahoo messenger with good feature and improvement are also done to overcome the requirement of the previous version of the yahoo messenger.The new version of yahoo messenger allows you to not only can you instant message, text, and make voice and video calls, you are also able to play social games in your Yahoo! Messenger.It also provide you a social experiences from across the web .

But the feature about which i'm discussing here is here "How to use facebook within your Yahoo messenger,isnt it sounds cool so don't worry i will tell you how to make it happen.

You have to follow simple and easy steps to make it happen :

1.First of all download the main requirement  Yahoo messenger 11 Beta

2.After then Install it in you computer,

3.After installing just login in your yahoo messenger

4.When u login you got the option of connecting your yahoo account with Facebook,then connect it by login with your Facebook id like this...

5.When you login then your Facebook account is loogin from yahoo messenger and you are able to use your facebook account straight from Yahoo messenger.

You will get view like given below when u link your yahoo messenger with Facebook

And you're done

I hope you like this post and I’m sure the information provided by me is helpful to you .If you think so just drop your comments i badly need that.


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