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How To Add YouTube Video In Blogger And Wordpress Blog

Youtube is a channel where you can get video related to all field like technology,gadgets,social media and many more.Now a days its cool trend that many of the user's who owned their blog and website try to express their thoughts and review related to their product so that users who are reading article get complete information about that niche.

Now the main problem is that how to upload videos in blog and website ,As it is very to add youtube video in the article it will took near about 2 or 3 second to make that thing happen.

So if you are interested to add youtube video in your blog or website just follow simple steps as shown below:

1.First of all visit youtube and select the video which you want to add.
2.After that you have to do is click on the embed option just below the video you select as shown below in snapshot.

3.When you done that you get the code ,you have to copy that link

4.Now open your blogger or word press where you are writing the article,as i use blogger so I'm showing you how to add it on blogger article.In blogger you will get this type of page when you write post as shown below

5.Now click on the Html option and below the line where you want to add video just paste that embed code as shown below in the snapshot.

6.Now again when you click on the compose it will be done and your code is replaced with youtube player like shown below

Note:And one thing which may also help you is that ,you can also set the size of the video player just by editing in the HTML or you can also get embed code from youtube ,just below you embed code as shown below .And same is done is the case of Wordpress.

By using this option you can add video player according to your template requirement .So next time when you want to add youtube video just use this way and don't forget to share your experience


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