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How To Do Advanced Disk Cleanup In Window 7

Windows 7 is one of the maximum used operating system now a day ,And in this article i will tell you about how to cleaning stuff like temporary files by using window 7 self app in OS itself for cleaning stuff like temporary files.As we all know that window 7 have a little app inside windows which help in advance disk cleanup of temporary file.So I decided to share that app with all the user who know that or to those who don't know that.

To make that thing happen you have to follow simple and easy steps shown below:

1.First of all Start and then command prompt as shown below in snapshot.

2.Now to set up the advanced cleaner right click on cmd prompt and 'run as admin'.
Then type:


Hit enter and the Disk Cleanup box will appear although you'll notice that it has many more check boxes than the default one. Once the boxes have been ticked close the cleaner by clicking ok.
Once set up the cleaner can be run at anytime with this command:


Hit enter to set the cleaner in motion. You'll then see it run through the process much like the default cleaner does.


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