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How To Play Snake Game On youtube

Youtube is one of the best platform for watching music video's or any type of videos which you see .As i really used to watch Linkin park all live performance when on active on PC but as we all know that now a days their is option of watch HD video in Youtube which took to much time to download video .Now what to do till your video is not completely download .

What do you think of playing Snake games on the Youtube video player screen till your video is downloading ,I used to play that game and you can also make that thing happen just by following simple step as shown below;

1.First of all choose any video to watch
2.After that Click on the pause button

3.And then Press left arrow and up arrow key
4.By pressing these keys your keys are ready to move
5.And now you can play game on screen by using up,down,left,right key and share you experience


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