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How to quick switch between apps in iOS4

Some time while working on your mobile you wonder to switch another application but as one application in already moving on your I phone then this make a hurdle in your way to visit another application .Then what to do with that problem so i search lots of article and finally i found How to switch quickly between to applications.

Switching quickly between multiple apps is one of the best feature ,with help of which you are able to get more application just in very less and short interval of time , And you make that thing without any hassle of opening one and closing your application to start another which took lots of time for loading and all . So if you want to work on multiple application without closing the application,You can follow these easy steps which will tell you how to make switching between apps in a flash, which feature is found in Apple iOS4, called the menu tray.

1.First of all you have to do is just Launch any app.
2.After then Double tap on your home button which make the menu tray appear at the bottom of the screen.
3. after that when you get the menu tray shows up, you can scroll left and right to select the app on which you want to active, and tap it to open it.

And you're done isn't it so simple so next time don't close your application just follow this and switch it and don't forget to share your experience.


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