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How To Take Snapshot In Iphone Using Shoot Me

Iphone is one of the best gadget which is used by people all over the World as we all know that Iphone are prefer because of apps which we can install in it.But sometime when we want to get the picture or want to have a screen shot in iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad Android then at that time be get we have nothing to do in that condition .

Iphone,ipad are cool phone but they are not loaded with different types of apps for you so the problem about grabbing a screen shot can be fixed by an app called shoot me

ShootMe is a cool app which allows you to take screenshots of your device. Just fire up ShootMe and give a good sustained shake or shout to take a screenshot. If present, the light sensor can be used as well.On higher end devices (a8/neon based) one can record movies as well.Audio support for movies/screencasts is under development.

Note:Shoot me Only supports ***ROOTED*** devices.

You can download Shoot me for grabbing snaphot


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