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How To Transfer Data From Old To New PC having Window 7

Think you have buy new PC which have already installed with Windows 7,And you wonder to transfer you important data from old PC to your new buyed PC.That in that case what to do ?You have to migrate the data from older to newer one

So For make that task happen,you can use Microsoft’s free utility called Windows Easy-Transfer.You have to do is established an Internet connection on your old computer, and installed Windows 7 on your new one, and rest will done by the tool which transfer data from the new PC to the old one.

So to migrate and transfer data from Old PC to Newer PC you have to follow simple and follow step shown below:

1.In the new PC, first of all double-click the program icon,and after that select the transfer medium and in the following dialog box click ‘This is the target computer’ option.

2.Answer the following prompt with ‘No’ and click on the option ‘Install this program now’ .

3.After that again select the desired transfer medium,for instance a USB stick, so that Windows7 can copy the tool .

4.By using this USB stick you can easily install the Windows Easy Transfer tool on another PC.

5.After that start the Windows Easy Transfer on your old PC,And then hit on ‘Continue’ and window select the desired transfer medium.

6.In the next step, you have to do is just click on the ‘this is the source computer’ option.

7.Now Windows will search all the accounts that have been set up and compile the relevant information.

8.With the help of the ‘Customize’ option under each account, you can specify details, as to which data and settings must be transferred, for example documents, music, photos, e-mails, favorites, videos and much more

9.After that you can set a password and hit on ‘Save’, specify the memory location and the name of the Easy Transfer file and confirm it and then ‘Save’.

10.Now start the tool on the new PC that has Windows 7, select the Easy-Transfer file with the ‘.MIG’ extension and integrate the data in the new system.

Note:The tool can carry this data transfer through a USB Easy Transfer cable, directly over the network, or with a removable storage medium.
And you're done I hope next time you have no worries about migrating data from older to newer PC.


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