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How To Use Your Gmail Space As Hard disk

Sometime you don't have space in your hardisk and you have to many file to save it for future now in that condition what to do ?I have solution for that problem why don't you can use your extra space of your Gmail account as a hard drive. By Using a cool and awesome tool you can make that thing happen

Gdrive is a great freeware program with help of which you will be able to create an extra drive inside My Computer, and every time you use this drive i.e. use files from it, is actually downloading and uploading to your Gmail account.

To make that thing happen you can follow simple and easy steps to make that thing happen:

1.First of all you have to download Gmail Drive
2.After that extract the files from the downloaded file and click Setup and install it.
3.After the installation go to My Computer and you will see an extra drive with the name called Gmail Drive as shown below

4.Now Double click on it and you will pop up a window with the user name and password.

 5.Just simply login with your Gmail user name and password and you're done enjoy your gmail Hardrive


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