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Top 10 Mac softwares

Mac is an OS system which is used in Macintosh notebook computers built by Apple Inc.It is used all over the world with greater interest.As we all know that now a days people are crazy about Apple products and gadgets ,But without software these gadgets are nothing on which these gadgets works

So I research a lot and make a list of best,top and cool software which is for Mac in 2011 shown below:

Adium is a cool software with the help of which you can use any instant messenger protocol out there , google talk,twitter,facebook chat to even IRC.The Presentation is this tool is excellent you can say this tool to be a mother of all instant messenger.

Quick Silver is another cool tool which must have for mack keyboard warriors. With use of this app allows users to complete tasks without clicking through several menus and windows.

Transmission is another awesome software with use of it you can download stuffs online.

Handbrake is a software for mac with the help of which you can quickly convert your videos to H.264 content.This type of tool is mainly need in the every OS

Growl is a desktop notification application with help of which you get alerts and notification for events to do with applications on your system.

Firefox is a web browser which specially for Mac OS x. Due to the flexibility in supporting addons lot of users prefer to use the Firefox.

The unarchiver is another cool alternate for 7zip and replacement to some handicapped archive utility on the platform.


VLC player is player which is for MAC OS used for play media file and it is played all over the world.Nearly it supports almost all formats and it is used for trans coding and even for streaming media.

Super duper is a application for system backups .In windows system backup is easy but when it comes to taking backups of a fully working mac. I think super duper is the one who rockz.

Things is one app that you cannot miss if you have 100's of things to do.So you can say its just like mother of doing the task pending in the cart.

I hope you like my list of best software for mac and if you feel this one to be cool just drop your comments


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