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Download SysInternals AutoRuns For Manage Autorun Processes in Window 7

SysInternals AutoRuns is a great little tool which allows you to manage every single autorun process and application on your Windows 7 machine from a single easy to use window. Yes it’s true that you can manage processes and services from Windows 7 with a combination of the Task Manager and Services manager, but using this little program makes things that bit easier.

AutoRuns allows you to manage all processes on your Windows system associated with the following

* Logon
* Explorer shell extensions
* Internet Explorer
* Schedule tasks
* Services
* Drivers
* Winlogon notifications
* KnownDLLs
* AppInit
* Image Hijacks
* Boot Execute
* Codecs
* Sidebar Gadgets
* Network Providers
* LSA Providers
* Print Monitors
* Winsock Providers

All of these can be managed from just one simple program, but you can also look up more information about them online, stop them and see their location on you system.You can download this tool just from given below tool


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